Evaluation on the Effect of Collage to Creative Thought in Interior Architecture Education

The collage was primarily used as a medium in the field of plastic arts. Together with art movements such as Dada and Surrealism, it has been used as an effective tool for generating creative and sometimes protesting ideas and communicating these ideas to the audience. This increased the importance of collage in terms of architecture, interior architecture and all design disciplines. The aim of this study is to make an evaluation about the use of collage which is widely used in visual arts as a supportive technique in interior architecture education. Within the scope of the study, firstly, an evaluation was made about the use of collage in architecture and design. In the literature review, the usage habits of collage were examined under two headings as “concept creation” and “visual content creation”. Then, an analysis was made by evaluating the works of the students from Basic Design course in the Department of Interior Architecture at Eskisehir Technical University. It is generally accepted that creativity, which is a human ability, has a feature that can be developed. This study outlines the effects of collage technique on creativity and the use of collage technique as a technique to develop creativity in design disciplines such as interior architecture. In the assessment, the students were able to use the collage technique to produce new and creative ideas as well as to produce new forms. Therefore, it is thought that the applications to be made with collage technique in design education have positive effects on creativity.

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Keywords: Collage, Creativity, Interior Architecture


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