The Attitude of Teacher Trainees towards the Teaching of Computer Education at B.ED level

Tremendous changes are taking place in the world which certainly influence the system of education, and teacher education too cannot remain immune to these global changes. Information Technology (IT) is affecting teachers, individuals and the society. Digital learning has opened the doors of classroom and made knowledge accessible even for those sitting at home. The preparation of teacher has changed with the passage of time and with the change in expectations of the society. Teachers have always played a crucial role in preparing communities and societies towards exploring new horizons and achieving higher level of progress and development. The teacher educators occupy a pivotal position in the system of education. The success of any educational reform depends upon the quality of teachers and in turn the quality of teachers depends to a large extent on the quality of teacher education. In view of the above said fact, the computer education paper was introduced as a compulsory paper in the common core curriculum for B. Ed course, for all the secondary teacher-training institutions in the state. The present researcher conducted a survey with a designed questionnaire to assess the computer usage and computer literacy and the attitude of B. Ed trainees towards teaching computer education. A sample of 200 B. Ed. students from Government and Private Colleges of Education, comprising male and female, were included from the Kakatiya University region, to make a through analysis with statistical evidences. The study reveals many facts regarding the availability of computer in educational institutions and the percentage of student and teacher users.

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Keywords: Towards the Teaching of Computer Education, The Attitude of Teacher Trainees

ISSN: 0973-2217

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