Deniz kazalar?nda insan faktörü ve bir çözüm olarak e-seyir

To err is to human. Human, who has achieved great things, is now deemed to be the sole responsible when things go wrong, as now studies show that over 90 percent of all maritime accidents are related with human factor. In the unforgiving maritime sector, simple series of mistakes sometimes result with disasters, meaning loss of money, loss of time, damage to environment and most importantly, loss of life. This no longer may be the case in the near future as, even today, the winds are blowing in the direction of creating intelligent and autonomous transport systems, to aid and to even arguably replace the human counter parts. Maritime industry is going full-ahead towards these unfathomed seas. e-Navigation will change how the maritime industry works, globally. How shipping has been done for centuries is about to change as a ship, her crew, how they navigate and even cargo handling at ports is about to have a serious automation makeover. Like other industries, one day in the future, artificial intelligence may literally take the helm.

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Keywords: Intelligent transportation systems, e-navigation, human factor in maritime

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