Factors associated with the level of ergonomic risk in percussionist musicians of Lima

Objective:to determine the factors associated with the level of ergonomic risk in percussionist musicians. Materials and methods: study of quantitative approach with correlational scope of non-experimental cross-sectional design. It was applied to 91 percussionists belonging to the city of Lima. The RULA instrument wasused to assess the ergonomic risk levels present in percussionists during musical performances, other variables such as age, type of percussion (determined height, undetermined height), total hours per week, musical frequency and years were also considered. from experience. Results: 38.46% presented extremely high ergonomic risk, 34.07% high risk and 27.47% medium level. Years of experience, age, type of percussion and musical frequency were factors associated with ergonomic risk. Conclusion: almost four out of ten percussionists were at an extremely high ergonomic risk level. Likewise, with a greater age range, the level of ergonomic risk increases.

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Keywords: Risk Factors; Ergonomic; Percussion; Musicians; RULA

ISSN: 2519-0652

EISSN: 2519-9110

EOI/DOI: 10.35626/casus.1.2020.243

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