Identifikasi struktur kognitif siswa dengan menggunakan peta konsep pada larutan asam-basa

Every student has different cognitive structures, but few teachers realize these differences. The purpose of this research is to identify students’ cognitive structures, which comprise several aspects such as content, students’ prior knowledge, new knowledge, and misconception when they learn from a concept map. The method used is descriptive research, conducted on 18 students at a senior high school in Manado City. The students’ cognitive structures are revealed using questions from a concept maps about acid-base solutions. The cognitive structures are identified based on the scores obtained by each student from the concept map questions. The result shows three cognitive categories of students on the content aspect, namely poor, good, and excellent, and three categories of students’ cognitive structures, which are students’ prior knowledge, new knowledge, and misconception. In general, the students’ cognitive structures are categorized as good.

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Keywords: Cognitive Structures, Concept Map, Acid-Base Solution


EISSN: 2686-4649

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