Studi Kelayakan Penuntun Praktikum Asam Basa Berbasis Bahan Lingkungan Menggunakan Model 3-D Dan Penerapan Metode Inkuiri Terbimbing Untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa SMA Negeri 1 Tenga

Practicum guides are printed teaching materials that students can use in the learning process. This development research aims to determine the feasibility of an acid-base practicum guide based on environmental materials with a 3-D model and to improve student learning outcomes through practicum activities and the application of guided inquiry methods. The subject of this research was class XI IPA 1 at SMA Negeri 1 Tenga. The feasibility test for large groups has an average percentage of 88.24% which means that this practical guide is suitable for use with valid qualifications. Student learning outcomes using posttest scores with the technique of statistical analysis of one sample t-test (one-sample t-test). The results of the one-sample t-test hypothesis at a level of ? = 5% were obtained tcount = 4.604> ttable = 1.708. The results of this study indicate that guidance practicum based on environmental materials is suitable for use in a chemical subjects, and the treatment of practicum guide based on environmental materials with the application of guided inquiry methods can improve learning outcomes of 92.4% of students on the acidic base subject.

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Keywords: Learning Outcomes, Acid Bases, Guided Inquiry Methods


EISSN: 2686-4649

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