Leadership and motivation in the clinical environment as a behavioral strategy

With the health market increasingly competitive, motivation and leadership become a strategic behavioral focus for the performance and evolution of clinics and clinics, which requires constant preparation of the organizational group. In this aspect, the objective of the article is to evaluate the leadership and motivation, within the clinical environment, as strategic factors of the clinics to obtain competitive advantages in the market ethically. In this way, it justifies its relevance to the benefits that it can provide to the clinical group and not only to the treatment of the patient. The methodology used to acquire the information in this article will be obtained through a qualitative research. It has been found that motivation and leadership are essential tools for any organization and they influence directly and indirectly on individual and clinical outcomes, with the idea that they are exercised in the best possible way and together with managers and collaborators.

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Keywords: neurometry, neurometria, neurofeedback, biofeedback

ISSN: 2594-438x

EISSN: 2594-438X


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