About the problem of socio-psychological reabilitation for militants under the conditions of antiterroristic operation

The developement Ukrainian society is going through hard socio-econimic conditions affecting not only life standarts, but mental health and emotional balance of its people. As a result of the antiterrorisric operation, which by it's scales and lives lost is comparable to a real war, on Ukrainian territory emerges a situation of constant tense, alertness and frustration. The fact that many of millitants are mentally uncapable of re-entering the system of social bounds and standarts of peace leads to the need to create special conditions and actions aiming for psychological return of soldiers to peaceful life. As their numbers constantly grow, a complex of measures for recreative treatment and further social integration of antiterroristic operation veterans in society is a prior way of state social policy. Socio-psychological reabilitation is a crucial component of mental balance regainment. It is based on making various kinds of impacts on militants' psyche, taking into account therapy, prophilaxis, hygiene and pedagogy. Psychological impacts make it possible to reduce levels of mental tense, replenish spent psychological endurance and, thus, speed up recreation processes in other organs and systems of aparticular organism. Regarding destructive influence of stress factors on militants under the conditions of war actions, socio-psychological reabilitation as a process of replenishment of militants' physical, mental, and social resourcesmust have an integration-oriented and include a complex of measures such as: psycho-therapeutic, psycho-diagnostic, psycho-correctional, preventive, work-oriented. Both individual and group forms of psycho-social work must be ensured (consulting, correction in groups, autotraining, self-regulation etc.)

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Keywords: socio-psychological reabilitation, readaptation, post-traumatic stress-based disfunction, antiterroristic operation.

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