BURU LANGUAGE CONSERVATION THROUGH SUSTAINABLE MULOK LEARNING IN BURU REGENCY (Konservasi Bahasa Buru melalui Pembelajaran Mulok Berkelanjutan di Kabupaten Buru)

The sad phenomenon regarding the current shift in the Buru regional language is a very dominant factor threatening the extinction of its people's identity. Of the total population of 132,100 people in Buru district, only about 14,000 know the Buru language, and only about 5,000 people are able and active in communicating using the Buru language. This study aims to examine the condition of regional dialects ??in Indonesia, especially on the island of Buru, which has experienced a shift that has an impact on extinction, what are the factors that affect the destruction of the Buru regional language, and what are the first steps to prevent the extinction. This study applied a qualitative approach with phenomenology design to describe the phenomena that occur in connection with the shift in regional languages ??on the island of Buru. The results found that the language shift phenomenon and the threat of extinction of the Buru language in Buru district are increasing day by day due to the dominance of the Indonesian language and the development of information technology, and the lack of public and government awareness in preserving local languages ??as their identity.

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Keywords: Buru language, conservation Mulok

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