‘DOKTER JAWA’ DI PENGASINGAN BANDA: TELADAN NASIONALISME DAN HUMANISME TJIPTO MANGUNKUSUMO DI BANDA NAIRA (‘Dokter Jawa’ in Exile of Banda: The Model of Nationalism and Humanism Tjipto Mangunkusumo in Banda Naira)

This study aims to reveal the thoughts of nationalism and humanism of Tjipto Mangunkusumo's in Banda Naira. He was one of the national figures who exiled in Banda Naira in 1928. Came after, Mr. Iwa Kusumasumantri, Mohammad Hatta, and Sutan Sjahrir. The thoughts and examples of national figures are important to be revealed to answer the problems of national leadership with integrity today. This paper is based on modern historiographic research, which is an approach to reconstructing images of the past based on data for the purpose of explaining the present and designing the future. Modern historiography was chosen to test the 'validity' of historical facts by means of modern methodological measures. Focuses on tracing perceptions, interpretations and historical methods used by past historians to then contextualize for the present. This study shows that Tjipto's idea of nationalism is democratic-nationalism. This category is understood as a combination of revolutionary ideas on the one hand, and Tjipto's negotiating actions on the other. The character of Tjipto's humanism is political-humanism. This refers to the fact of Tjipto's struggle which aims to fight against the authority of human desire to colonize humans. His efforts to fight against the human colonial system, made his orientation of humanism only to uplift human dignity as a creature of God who deserves to be glorified.

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Keywords: Dokter Jawa, Nationalism, Humanism

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