Comparative Study of Blends of Polyvinyl Chloride/Poly Methyl-methacrylate and Polystyrene/Poly Methyl-methacrylate using Density, Viscometry and FTIR Methods

Polyvinyl chloride, poly (methacrylate) and Polystyrene are frequently use polymers but in considering the chemical and physical properties, some of them suffer from mechanical and other failures such as instability, rigidity, and non-biodegradability etc. This study is aimed investigating the compatibility of various blends of polyvinyl versus poly (methyl methacrylate) as well as blends from polystyrene and poly (methyl methacrylate) (in chloroform solvent) using density, viscometry and Fourier transformed infra-red spectroscopy methods. The results obtained indicated that PV/PMMA blends have good degree of compatibility while PS/PMMA blends did not show any observable compatibility.

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Keywords: Comparative, blends, polyvinyl chloride, poly (methylmethacrylate), polystyrene, density, viscometry, FTIR

ISSN: 2645-2448

EISSN: 2705-2397


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