Population Doses from Gamma Radiation Exposure around Damaturu Metropolis, Yobe State, Nigeria

Humans are exposed to radiation in their environment with or without their consent; and the exposure to natural background radiation is an unpreventable event on earth. Exposure to terrestrial background gamma radiation in Damaturu metropolis was measured in 65 locations using a hand held radiation survey meter (RDS-31). The gamma absorbed dose rate in air 1 m above ground surface ranged from 5 to 165 nGy h?1 with a mean value of 56±5 nGy h?1. The study results revealed that, higher dose rates are located around the main roads within the city. The mean value was found to be within the set limit by UNSCEAR for normal background radiation. Thus, the dose rates are classified as low radiation level and are below the level to cause acute health effects in humans. The results obtained would serve as baseline data for further studies on background radiation in the study area.

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Keywords: Gamma radiation dose rate, isodose map, kriging method

ISSN: 2645-2448

EISSN: 2705-2397


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