Heavy Metals Pollution in Surface Water and Sediment of Lower Cross River System in Akwa Ibom State, igeria.

This study analyzed some heavy met-als in surface water and sediment from Cross River system in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Wa-ter and sediment samples were collected from Ibaka, Oron, Nwaniba, Ayadehe, Okopedi and Enwang and analyzed for the concentration of some heavy metal ions using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The results obtained from the analysis indicated that mean concentrations of Cd, Pb, Cr, Co, Cu, Se and Ni in surface wa-ter were 13.69±8.97, 20.53±10.60, 18±11.47, 25.81±13.91, 26.9±11.0 1.18±0.32 and 32.67±26.16 ?g while the corresponding mean concentrations in the sediments were 0.52±0.24, 57.78±15.60, 16.22±5.48, 7.52±2.28, 69.81±16.90, 0.75±0.44 and 6.87±2.26 ?g/g, respectively. The results of sur-face water and sediment quality were compared with some guidelines which revealed no serious contamination risk to man and aquatic organ-ism for surface water and some degree of con-tamination at some stations for the metals under study in sediment samples.

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Keywords: Pollution, heavy metals, surface water, sediment, Cross River

ISSN: 2645-2448

EISSN: 2705-2397


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