The Performance of Ramsey Test, White Test and Terasvirta Test in Detecting Nonlinearity

The objective of this research is to compare Ramsey test, White test and Terasvirta test in the identification of nonlinearity. Ramsey test is a test based on the regression specification error test. While White test and Terasvirta test are based on neural network models. The difference between White test and Terasvirta test is in determining its weight, White test based on random sampling, while Terasvirta test based on Taylor expansion. Simulation studies are carried out with various scenarios in each test by generating linear models, linear models with outliers and nonlinear models. The results of the simulation study showed that Terasvirta test had better power than Ramsey test and White test in detecting nonlinearity. Terasvirta test is also more sensitive to the presence of outliers in linear models.

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Keywords: Nonlinearity; Power; Ramsey; Terasvirta; White

ISSN: 0216-308X

EISSN: 2721-3862


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