Creating brand loyalty in food and beverage enterprises: A conceptual perspective

Brand strength is a well-known concept in food and beverage enterprises as a service sector as well as in other sectors. The activity of eating out that meets the need of socializing beyond being a need is growing rapidly. The importance of creating brand loyalty by the enterprises in the customers’ decision process on making choices about the food enterprises comes into prominence. As the brand loyalty increases, advantages such as the customers of a brand being less affected by the activities of rival brands arise. In this regard, it is tried to explain the brand loyalty in food and beverage enterprises from a conceptual perspective through a literature review in the study. Findings indicate the significance of brand loyalty for enterprises to create value and differentiate themselves. In the scope of this research, creating brand loyalty and approaches are discussed and the significance of brand loyalty in food and beverage enterprises is investigated. Lastly, some recommendations related to food and beverage enterprises to create brand loyalty based on the literature are proposed.

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Keywords: brand, brand loyalty, food and beverage enterprises

ISSN: 2717-817X



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