The Writing Synthesis Competence of the Education first year students

This research aimed at exploring the competencesof the writing synthesis from multiple text-sources. This complex task is often required in the university and implied the simultaneous manage-ment of comprehension and composition expert strategies and processes. Participants were 150 first-year Education students, attending the university in North-East Italy, who carried the test under controlled conditions. The data analysis showed the worrying difficulties of the student in the writing competences, particularly in the textual dimensions, both in phases, comprehension and written production. On the first trial, the syntheses reveal poor informativeness and week integration, as missing key concepts which cut across the sources. Also, the information are willing to list or collection. From the point of view of written pro-duction, most of the syntheses reflect ingenuous compositional strategies: the students includedsome concepts drown from the sources in a newtest, but without a guiding idea, nor general structure. So, the syntheses are poorly cohesive and organized.

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Keywords: writing synthesis, informativeness, integration, organization, cohesion, coherence

ISSN: 2038-9736

EISSN: 2038-9744


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