Effectiveness of Relaxation Exercise on Work Stress Among IT Professionals

Study was conducted to investigate effectiveness of relaxation exercise on work stress among IT professionals working in selected private company. Main objective of the study was to determine the effectiveness of relaxation and stretching exercise on stress among IT professional. One group – pretest posttest experiment design was adopted. 240 samples were selected to participate through convenient sampling method. Data was collected with work stress scale then the progressive relaxation and stretching exercise was demonstrated by the researcher then the samples were motivated to practice relaxation exercise for period of 4 weeks, there were supervised by research assistants. End of the 4th week post test was conducted with same scale. Study was analyzed with descriptive and inferential statistics. Study explicated that there was statistically significant reduction in the stress level among IT professionals after the practice of relaxation and stretching exercise.

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Keywords: Relaxation exercise, Stress

ISSN: 2456-883X

EISSN: 2456-883X

EOI/DOI: 10.38177/AJAST.2020.4203

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