Diversity of Simonid Spiders (Araneae: Salticidae: Salticinae) in India.

Distribution of spiders belonging to 4 tribes of clade Simonida (Salticinae: Salticidae: Araneae) reported in India is dealt. The tribe Aelurillini (7 genera, 27 species) is represented in 16 states and in 2 union territories, Euophryini (10 genera, 16 species) in 14 states and in 4 union territories, Leptorchestini (2 genera, 3 species) only in 2 union territories, Plexippini (22 genera, 73 species) in all states except Mizoram and in 3 union territories, and Salticini (3 genera, 11 species) in 15 states and in 4 union terrioties. West Bengal harbours maximum number of species, followed by Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. Out of 129 species of the spiders listed, 70 species (54.3%) are endemic to India.

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Keywords: Aelurillini, Euophryini, India, Leptorchestini, Plexippini, Salticidae, Simonida.

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EISSN: 2582-1032


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