Seasonal variation in Primary Productivity and Macrophytes of Guthia Taal, Bahraich (U.P.).

Seasonal variations in primary productivity, respiration rate, chlorophyll content and macrophytes biomass were carried out during July, 2019 to June, 2020. Grass primary productivity 3 (GPP) and net primary productivity (NPP) ranged from 54.27 to 92.36 mgC/m /3hr and 34.95 to 59.59 3 mgC/m /3hr, respectively. The respiration (R) value and chlorophyll concentration varied between 3 3 15.32 and 34.16 mgC/m /3hr and 0.0047 and 0.149 mg pig/m in respectively. The primary productivity rate was maximum during summer season denote the peak of phytoplankton, macrophytes, higher values of light intensity, temperature and chlorophyll concentration. The minimum rate of primary productivity was observed during monsoon season.

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Keywords: Guthia taal, Macrophytes, Primary productivity, Respiration, Wetland.

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EISSN: 2582-1032


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