Characterization of environmental practices in relation to resource management and care of the Rural School Environment

The article shows results of an investigation whose purpose was the characterization of environmental practices in the students of secondary education of the Educational Institution Morindó Santa Fé, located in the rural area of left bank of the municipality of Montería, in relation to water management, energy, solid waste resources and care of the school environment. All this thanks to a qualitative approach completed by action research, from the sociocritical paradigm, which links the researcher with the identified problem, with the support of the main actors to change reality based on the interpretation of the results obtained from the surveys. applied to students and teachers, observation guides and structured semi-interviews with focus groups that managed to collect information on the points of view, ways of thinking, of doing, acting and perceptions of students about the transformation of environmental practices.. Then la institution was evidenced of inadequate environmental practices, neglected by the school environment, low level of environmental knowledge. By typifying environmental practices, most students attempted to disapprove of the actions. For example, inadequate water management when using toilets. In addition, they wash their hands with recycled water in containers. In fact, solid waste management is considered the main environmental problem in this place. Garbage is thrown anywhere, mainly during cultural and civic events. The use of containers is almost useless, denoting inappropriate practices towards the environment.

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Keywords: Environmental Education, Environmental Practices, Behaviors, Attitudes, Habits

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