Overview of approaches and trends in Spanish language teaching over the past two decades

The approaches and methodologies in the teaching of the disciplines are dynamic and depend on a multiplicity of factors, among which we could highlight the context of the group and the domain of pedagogical, specific, technological and even informational skills of the teacher. The objective of this systematic review of the literature is to explain the trends and methodological approaches in the teaching of the Spanish language as a mother tongue and second language (L1/L2). The corpus consisted of 1661 scientific articles exported from the Scopus, Web of Science and SciELO databases in the period 2001-2020. The information obtained in these databases was systematized and analyzed with the help of Zotero 5.0 and MAXQDA 2020. In In the first instance, duplicates were eliminated and after a selection process, the final articles were analyzed under some criteria such as: year, country, topic and problem addressed, context of application, approaches and methodologies of the language. The results obtained showed that the highest production is found in Spain and the US; it is emphasized in Higher Education; The topics are related to the development of competencies and the most used approaches are communicative and sociocultural. Task-based and project-based learning are privileged, as well as methodologies focused on the use of technology.

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