Theatre and Drama in the Context of Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language within the Framemork of Language Teaching

Theatre and drama are fields with similar functionality in education, despite their practical differences. These disciplines are among the rare methods that are suitable for use in education because they contain all of the verbal-linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal-social, personal-inner, visual-spatial and musical-rhythmic features. It can be said to be effective in language learning and teaching in education with theatre and drama activities which are becoming increasingly common today. Theatre and drama activities, which combine bodily and cognitive interaction, offer multifaceted contributions to the learning-teaching process. Theatre and drama not only create social pluses on students, but also provide them with academic gains. It can be stated that theatre and drama will affect students ' language proficiency through in-class and out-of-class practices in language learning and teaching, especially in teaching Turkish as a foreign language. This study aims to draw attention to the positive aspects of theatre and drama in the context of teaching Turkish as a foreign language within the framework of Language Teaching.

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Keywords: Language Teaching, Turkish as a Foreign Language, Theatre, Drama


EISSN: 2667-8578


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