Income and Consumption Expenditure Pattern of Marginal and Small Farmers in Punjab

The study highlighted the income and consumption pattern of the marginal and small farmers in the three agro-climatic zones of Punjab for 2011-12. It was found that out of the total net family income of these farmers, the majority was earned from crop and dairying, followed by income from non-farm activities. The net per capita annual income of marginal and small farmers was found to be as low as about 15361 and 26625. Corresponding to this, the annual per capita household consumption expenditure was 12144 and 13239. This situation depicted the vulnerability of these farmers to indebtedness in case of unforeseen expenditure situations. Also, there existed an income and consumption disparity in Punjab, whereby the poorer section accounts for less than one-fifth share of the total income and expenditure. There was a need to address the problems of this section in isolation as this section formed the major proportion of the farming population in the state and was most prone to economic misery.

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Keywords: Consumption expenditure, income, marginal and small farmers

ISSN: 2277-5412

EISSN: 2322-0430


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