CLR Integration in SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008 gives us flexibility to implement programming logic by using different programming constructs like loops, conditional constructs etc. But there are certain situations where we require complex programming which is very difficult to implement in SQL Server .To handle such situations there should be some feature to create such a complex code in any .NET supported language and then embed that code in SQL Server. This particular feature is called CLR Integration. There is no support for CLR Integration in earlier versions of SQL Server. This feature is supported in SQL Server 2005 version onwards.2005 version onwards ,SQL server integrates CLR to allow execution of managed code within the SQL Server environment. This provides flexibility in writing the database code in multiple languages supported by .NET. Managed code also takes advantage of programming logic to implement complex programming logic in database objects, such as stored procedures, triggers, user-defined functions etc .This paper explains how to implement triggers, user defined functions, stored procedures and user defined types by using managed code.

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Keywords: CLR Integration, T-SQL, Managed code, SQL Server, Assembly

ISSN: 2350-1294


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