Pensamiento y metodologías cualitativas sobre migraciones en América Latina

Internal and international migration are a central phenomenon in Latin America and the regional thought produced about this topic, as well as the methodologies used to analyze it, have a solid trajectory. In fact, today the region is a dynamic pole of production of studies on the migratory phenomenon at a global level. In this dossier our goal is to offer a brief overview of the migratory studies in Latin America through the description of some of the main contributions of the region. For this reason, we analyze the regional features of human mobility and some examples of the contributions of Latin America to the migratory studies and the qualitative methodologies used in this field. The article ends with a brief presentation of the texts that make up this dossier.

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Keywords: migration studies, qualitative methodologies, Latin America.

ISSN: 1806-5627

EISSN: 2527-2551


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