Development Trend of Chinese Hydroelectric Generation Technology of Hydro Power Plant (HPP)

Water power is a renewable energy which is economically cheap, clean and reliable. Theoretical hydropower resources of China amounted to 680 million kW, the greatest in the world. For the water maintains circulating according to a certain hydrologic cycle continuously and uninterruptedly, the water resources are considered to be a renewable energy. Therefore Hydropower is low cost due to firstly, the energy carried by the water flow is the only energy required for the power generation in the hydropower station. Secondly, the applied equipment is simpler than that of thermal power plant, thus costing less in maintenance and overhaul. If taking the fuel consumption into consideration, the annual operation cost of thermal power plant is 10~15 times higher than that of hydropower plant. Beside hydropower is clean during the course of hydropower generation, neither harmful gas, smoke, dust, ash will nor nuclear pollution will be caused. Hydropower generation has a high efficiency and conventional hydropower plant can make use of 80% water resources, while the heat efficiency of thermal power plant only reaches 30%~50%. In this paper, the study is established in the necessary Engineering development of hydropower plants and hydroelectric generation technology in China. The Chinese model base of hydropower plants features, functions, flow analysis chart and ecologic Issues are also discussed in this paper.

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Keywords: Renewable energy, Hydropower, Hydroelectric, Generation, Function, analysis chart, ecologic issues

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