A Modified Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO) Algorithm for Time Optimal Motion Planning of 5 DOF PC-based Gryphon Robot

Gryphon as a 5-DOF robot has the ability to emulate the gestures of human arm and hand. It has pivots for rotation around the elbow and wrist. The wrist has two operative pivots, for rotation and elevation. Unlike previous works which concentrate on using WALLI as Gryphon robots own software, in this paper a PC-based and XPC Target’s real-time feature has been used. . Recently, techniques based on metaheuristics of natural computing, mainly evolutionary algorithms (EA), have been successfully applied to a large number of robotic applications. The aim of this paper is to evaluate a modified Biogeography-based Optimization (BBO) approach based on mutation operator to solve the trajectory planning of a Gryphon. Computer simulation results and practical experiments demonstrate that accurate trajectory tracking can be achieved by using the proposed method.

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Keywords: Gryphon; XPC target, Tracking Problem, PC-based, Biogeoraphy based Optimazation

ISSN: 2409-2770



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