Design & Development of A Simulator For Microprocessor Application Trainer (MATSOFT385

MATSOFT385 is the creation of a flexible framework that is competent of providing real-time simulation and visualization services for users moving in the computational field of ‘Microprocessor’ (µP). The most interesting aspect of this system is that learn the art of programming in machine language with the awareness of design and debugging techniques, etc. mounted on an elegant cabinet. It is the system that enables the students at home or at their personnel PCs to get same ability and knowledge as hardware kit gives. The attribute which differentiate with other systems is that it is not constrained to run on a single specific machine (PC) [3]. MATSOFT385 system allows the users to quickly master the software in an environment very similar to the real hardware. The scope of this simulation is to perform the Instruction set of 8085 µP and load, examine and modifying the contents of memory location. It also examines and modifies the contents of Processor registers and It will perform input/output experiments extends to the study the signals generated by the Microprocessor.

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Keywords: Microprocessor Trainer, MAT385 Simulator, Visual studio

ISSN: 2409-2770



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