Contraceptive Uptake Among Postpartum Mothers 15–49 Years of Age in Kalisizo Hospital, Kyotera District, Central Uganda

Per 1000 live births, 336 mothers die from pregnancy-related causes in Uganda; most of which are preventable as 9,549 mothers’ lives were saved from 2015–2020 through reaching the CIP mCPR goal. Use of contraception can prevent unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions which could lead to loss of lives of the women involved. Studies elsewhere have shown that the contraceptive use among postnatal mothers has a strong association with unsafe abortions and deaths. Similarly, there is limited information regarding the factors associated with contraceptive use among postnatal mothers.

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Keywords: Contraceptives, Contraceptive Prevalence Rate, Family planning, Postpartum Period, Reproductive Age


EISSN: 0976-7797

EOI/DOI: 10.47760/cognizance.2021.v01i0

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