Using Signal Functions to Measure Third Delays in the Management of Obstetric Emergencies: A Study of Midigo Health Centre IV

Signal functions are a representative shortlist of key interventions and activities that address major causes of morbidity or mortality and that are indicative of a certain type and level of care in a health facility. For example, signal functions indicative of "basic emergency obstetric care (EmOC)" could be provided by midwives at a lower level health centre, whereas "comprehensive EmOC" signal functions indicate a higher level of care, usually at a hospital or . Thus, signal function test is very vital in measuring Obstetric and Newborn Functionality of Health Facilities. On the other hand, third delays are the delays in receiving adequate and appropriate treatment at the healthcare facility by mothers during and after pregnancy.

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Keywords: Signal functions, lived experiences, Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC)


EISSN: 0976-7797

EOI/DOI: 10.47760/cognizance.2021.v01i0

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