Inside and outside the farm - the condicionates elements for control strategy of tobacco family farmers

The work aims at to analyze the influence of the internal and external factors in the choice or continuity of the productive reproduction strategies of short cycle (annual) of the family agriculture of Arroio do Tigre/RS. So much, we used of secondary data and of field research. Before the farmers' characteristic we discussed the degree of importance of the factors the) internal: work hand, structures, environmental restriction and location of the property; b) external: economical, climate, social, political-institutional, cultural, legal, technological and demographic. Both elements influence and they condition in the choice and in the administration of the unit of production for the farming families. Finally, we highlighted that the main, complemental and basic presence of reproduction strategies, as well as, wide and restricted strategies in the analysis field.

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Keywords: Reproduction strategy, internal factors, external factors, family agriculture, activity de tobacco

ISSN: 1415-7802

EISSN: 2318-1796


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