Analysis of the causes of evasion in Agrarian Reform Settlements in Tocantins State

This article discusses the causes that promote evasion in land reform projects after land grant, taking as reference distinct land reform concepts and guarantee to land access INCRA actions in carrying out the Land Reform National Plan expressed by the implementation of rural settlements and, on the other hand, the actions of the so-called market land reform made official through the creation of Crédito Fundiário enterprises. This work was carried out in the Barranco do Mundo Settlement and Provi Project located in the municipality of Pium in the central- western region of the state of Tocantins. Data collection was carried out from October 2008 to January 2009, by applying structured questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. The causes for evasion were found to be associated with the actions of the organ/program responsible for the creation of the projects studied.: Barranco do Mundo, due to poor infrastructure provided by Incra and Provi, due to the collective production, administrative, economic and social model imposed to the families by Banco da Terra, as well as lack of origin of the persons selected by the program.

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Keywords: Land grant, rural settlements, evasion.

ISSN: 1415-7802

EISSN: 2318-1796


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