Research of Individuals' Fears of Covid-19 in Terms of Some Variables

This study, it was aimed to examine the fear of Covid-19 in terms of some variables. The data were obtained from 290 adults (205 women, 85 men) between the ages of 18-65. The descriptive survey model was used in the study. In the analysis of the obtained data, independent groups t-test was used to examine whether the individuals' levels of Covid-19 fear differed statistically according to the variables of gender, having or not having children, having or not having a Covid-19 diagnosis, being diagnosed with Covid-19 or not. Also, one-way ANOVA analysis was used to examine whether Covid-19 fear levels differ according to education level, marital status and age. First of all, the average scores of Covid-19 fear of the individuals participating in the study were examined. When the scores obtained from the Covid-19 fear scale are examined, the items with the highest average are I am most afraid of Covid-19, it makes me uncomfortable to think about Covid-19 and when watching news and stories about Covid-19 on social media, I become nervous or anxious”. Thus, it was revealed that the Covid-19 levels of the individuals participating in the study did not differ significantly according to the variables of gender, age, educational status, whether or not they had children, whether they were diagnosed with Covid-19, and whether or not they were diagnosed with Covid-19 in their relatives. Based on these results, the findings obtained were discussed in line with the literature and suggestions were made to the researchers.

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Keywords: covid-19, fear, anxiety, pandemic, coronavirus

ISSN: 2687-4229

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