Investigation of Adults’ Childhood Traumas in Terms of Some Variables

The aim of this research is to examine the frequency of exposure to childhood neglect and abuse in adults and the emotional and behavioral problems seen in these individuals. Survey method was used from quantitative research designs. Participants consisted of 618 adults who has exposed abuse reached by convenient sampling technique; 76.2% of the participants were women, 23.8% were men, 34.1% of them were married. The average age of the participants was 28,37±8,04. As a data collection tool, the Personal Information Form and Childhood Trauma Scale were used. The results are as follows: 90.8% of the participants stated that they were exposed to various degrees of physical abuse, 88.8% of them were emotional abuse and 17.7% of them were sexual abuse. It was concluded that male participants were exposed significantly more physical neglect / abuse than females. Exposure to sexual abuse did not differ in terms of gender. Findings indicate that low education level is associated with more childhood traumatic experiences. There are statistical differences in terms of education level in the dimensions of emotional neglect and abuse and physical abuse. Similarly, it can be said that low socio-economic level is a risk factor for more childhood traumas than others. In this current study, those with a history of receiving psychological support were exposed to a statistically higher childhood traumatic experience than the others. Individuals who use medicine regularly and have chronic diseases have more childhood trauma experiences. Finally, individuals using one or more addictive substances were found to be in the risk group in terms of childhood traumatic experiences and abuse in the other three sub-dimensions, and the results were discussed on the basis of the literature. These findings show the importance of the subject and it is considered important to examine the subject with qualitative studies.

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Keywords: childhood traum, abuse, neglect, adult, maltreatment

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