Person - Thing Orientations, Social Skills and Gender Differences at the University Students

Different vocational fields require different levels of social skills. At the same time, it is possible to distinguish between people or thing-oriented while defining individual differences the are effective in choosing the profession. In this study, it was aimed to examine the social skill levels of university students depending on the people-thing orientation in line with vocational interest. For this purpose, reflecting the people-thing orientation three field groups of health sciences, engineering, and social sciences and psychology departments' students who are thought to have high social skills were included. The data of this descriptive study were collected via applying online form using the A Social Skills Scale-80. A total of 690 undergraduate students, 426 females and 264 males, between the ages of 18-37 participated with convenience sampling in the study. The data were examined with descriptive statistics and two-way variance analyses. In the results of the research, it was found that the social skill levels of the students varied according to the grouped in terms of people and thing orientation. Students in the psychologhy department had the highest social skills. The Psychology department was followed by other social departments and engineering departments, respectively. Also, despite being people-oriented, the social skills of the students studying in health departments were lower than in other departments. In addition, as a basic difference, it was seen a difference in social skill levels between male and female students. It’s been understood that the high number of female students in some fields and the high number of male students in some fields also affected the evaluation of social skills. The obtained results have bee people oriented, thing oriented, vocational interest, social skills n discussed within the framework of the relevant literature

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Keywords: people oriented, thing oriented, vocational interest, social skills

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