School-Based Intervention Programs in Preventing Peer Bullying: A Systematic Review

This systematic review was conducted to evaluate the efficiency of school-based education programs to prevent the peer bullying behaviors of students, and the results and evidence obtained from randomized controlled and quasi-experimental studies were examined in this respect. In the review, the studies that were conducted between January 2016 and January 2021, which could be accessed from a total of four databases at Pubmed, Wiley Interscience, Sciencedirect, and Academic Search Complete (EBSCOHOST) database, were examined. These databases were searched in English with the keywords “bullying, violence, school health, nursing, children, training, intervention, prevention”. In this context, a total of 51 studies that met the inclusion criteria were evaluated in the scope of this systematic review. A total of 36 of these studies were conducted in quasi-experimental design, and 15 were in randomized controlled research design. There were peer education intervention studies along with strengthening communication studies, intended to include parents in education, including teachers in the education process with game-based programs and modelbased programs. According to the results of the study, it was determined that school-based training programs applied in different cultures and education systems were effective in preventing bullying behaviors. Especially primary, secondary, and high schools are the areas where studies were effective. The studies that were reviewed in this systematic review can guide school psychological consultants, psychologists, social workers, public healthcare nurses and school nurses. However, there is a need for model-based, interdisciplinary evidence-based studies including parents and school staff to evaluate the effects of bullying behavior prevention programs in schools

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Keywords: bullying, violence, school health, nursing, children, intervention, prevention

ISSN: 2687-4229

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