Determining The Self-Regulated Learning Status Of Nursing Students Regarding Clinical Nursing Practices

Self-regulated learning is an important issue to be addressed for clinical nursing practices of nursing students who will be the future healthcare workers. The objective of this descriptive study was to determine the self-regulated learning status of the nursing students regarding clinical nursing practices. The Student’s Introductory Information Form and the “Self-Regulated Learning Scale for Clinical Nursing Practices (SRLSCNP)” were used in data collection. In study 76.6% of the participants were female. When the age groups of the students were evaluated, 61.7% were in the 19-21 age range. A total of, 34.0% were 3rd graders, and 77.0% of them had elementary family structure, and 96.8% had than 1 sibling. When the income levels of the families were evaluated, the income level of 68.1% was equal to the expenses. It was determined that nursing students had good self-regulated learning levels regarding the clinical nursing practices. It was found that the mean learning strategy score of the students was higher than the motivational sub-dimension. It was also found that the scale mean score was affected by the grade of the students and their willingness status of coming to the department. In line with these results, nursing students should be supported to improving and maintaining self-regulated learning situations.

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Keywords: self-regulated learning, nursing, student

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