The Evaluation of the Conflict Management Program Delivered to the Adolescents: Sample of Orphanages

The purpose of this research is to evaluate the effectiveness of conflict management training prepared for the adolescents staying in orphanages in Ankara on conflict resolution styles of the adolescents. The research was designed as semi-structured, with pre-test, post-test, and follow-up test in quasi-experimental design, with experimental and control groups, examining the effect of conflict management education of adolescents staying in orphanages. The study was conducted with 80 adolescents, 40 of which were the adolescent experimental group and 40 adolescent control group who are living in the orphanages in Ankara which are affiliated to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. In experimental group, adolescence had been carried out conflict management program for 10 week. In the research, measured experimental methods such as pre-test, post-test and monitoring test were used in order to test the effectiveness of the conflict management training program on the adolescents in both experimental and control groups. In order to obtain data related to the experimental and control groups of the research, A Scale for Identification of Conflict Resolution Behavior were used. SPSS-15 package program and one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used for the evaluation of the data. Following the implemented training program, lowered the aggression scores of the adolescents in the experimental group significantly, and raised the problem solving skills significantly. As a result, it is put forth that the conflict management training delivered to the adolescents in the orphanages brought positive conflict resolution strategies to the adolescents.

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Keywords: adolescent, conflict, conflict management, problem solving, aggression, orphanage

ISSN: 2687-4229

EISSN: 2687-4229


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