Socio-Cultural Structure and Paternal Satisfaction (Example of Diyarbakır Province)

52 fathers living in Diyarbakır participated in the study, which aims to examine the relationships between socio-cultural environments and paternal satisfaction of individuals over the age of 35. The maximum diversity method was used in the formation of the study group, based on the purposeful sampling method. While 10 of the participants were interviewed online, face-to-face interviews were held with 42 of them. The interview form developed by the researcher was used in the interviews with the participants. In this study, in which a qualitative research method was adopted, descriptive and content analyses were carried out on the interview transcripts. Participant views on 20 questions posed to the participants in the interviews were examined and it was seen that they were clustered around five themes: The feeling of paternity and expectations from fatherhood, child care, self-assessment, the role of fatherhood and communication with children and the influence of the environment. In the research, the interview transcripts were analysed and the factors affecting the paternal satisfaction of the participants were examined. The results show that fathers' socio-cultural environment and marriage types affect their views on paternal satisfaction. It was observed that the opinions of the participants who had arranged or consanguineous marriages were similar, and their paternal satisfaction differed slightly from the participants who voluntarily met their partner. In the research, although the paternity satisfaction of the participants living in Diyarbakır, who are over 35 years old, have different numbers of children, different education levels, and married in different ways, generally have similar characteristics, opinion differences were observed according to the personal characteristics. A comparison with the relevant literature makes this study important. It is considered that this study will contribute to the scientific accumulation in the field of Family Education Counseling.

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Keywords: issues fatherhood, paternal satisfaction, marriage style, nfluence of social environment, influence of social environment

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