Examining Resilience Sources of Adolescents Who Have Siblings with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attitudes towards Their Siblings

The aim of this study is to examine whether there are significant differences in resilience sources and the attitudes of individuals who have siblings with ASD in terms of some demographic variables. The other aim of the study was to investigate whether resilience sources of individuals with siblings with ASD predict their attitudes towards disabled siblings. The research group is composed 254 adolescents who have siblings with ASD, living in Denizli and İzmir. The age range of participants ranged from 11 to 18, 123 are girls and 131 are boys. The data is collected during 2016-2018 years. In this study, data collection instruments were Attitude Scale for Disabled Sibling, Resilience Scale for Children and Personal Information Form. According to the results of Mann Whitney-U analysis, there was a significant difference in the sub-dimension of resilience sources according to gender variable. It was found that there was a significant difference in school-teacher sub-dimension and thought about the sibling’s characteristics sub-dimension of attitude towards the sibling according to presence of helper for the caring of the child. According to the results of the Kruskal Wallis analysis, there was a significant difference in all sub-dimensions of resilience sources and attitude towards siblings according to family’s income group variable. As a result of multiple regression analysis, it was found that the resilience sources significantly predicted the emotion and thoughts about living with the sibling. Among the resilience sources, it was found that the sub-dimensions of friends and school-teachers significantly predicted the thought about the sibling's characteristics. Among the resilience sources, it was found that the sub-dimensions of family, oneself and friends significantly predicted sadness and anxiety scores about the sibling's status.

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Keywords: resilience, attitude towards disabled sibling, autism spectrum disorder, adolescence

ISSN: 2687-4229

EISSN: 2687-4229


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