Development of a solar-based temperature and relative humidity data logger

Data loggers measure indoor air parameters such as temperature and relative humidity by using several sensors in buildings. These parameters are the most crucial factor in calibrating energy simulation programs. However, data loggers are very expensive and require hard-to-understand hardware to store data. In addition, these devices use standard lithium batteries to supply the energy of sensors. However, some of the data can be missed due to the low battery life of the data loggers. Furthermore, tracking the measured data is very difficult since they require additional software, which is confusing for engineers and architects. This study aims to develop a solar power-based low-cost data logger and record the measured data as an excel file into the micro SD card. For hardware purposes, a temperature and humidity sensor, an Arduino microcontroller card, a micro SD card module, a solar panel, and a battery unit are used while software codes are written to generate permanent data. The low-cost temperature and relative humidity data logger prototype is manufactured and tested in a case building at Atılım University in Ankara/Turkey. Then, the developed data logger is compared with the HOBO-U12 data logger during four days. The results show that the cost of the data logger can be decreased by approximately 82%. In comparison, the accuracy of the data is 97% and 96% for temperature and relative humidity, respectively, compared to the commercial data logger.

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Keywords: Thermal comfort, Data loggers, Measurements, Renewable energy, Temperature, Relative humidity

ISSN: 2547-975X

EISSN: 2547-975X


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