Important parameters in solar power plant installation and Analytical Hierarchy Process

The limited reserve problems of fossil-based fuels, their environmental impacts, and being imported fuel for Turkey increase the importance of renewable energy sources. Turkey has significant potential in terms of solar energy. Solar power installed in Turkey has increased substantially in recent years and continues to grow. As of the end of March 2021, Turkey's unlicensed solar power installed capacity reached 6.5 GW. In this study, Turkey's energy situation and long-term energy projections were examined and evaluated by Turkey's installed renewable energy sources and production values. Essential criteria for determining the solar power plant site were mentioned, and information was given about the Analytical Hierarchy Process, one of the algorithms used to determine the power plant site.

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Keywords: Solar energy, Energy potential in Turkey, Solar power plant installation, Analytical Hierarchy Process

ISSN: 2547-975X

EISSN: 2547-975X


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