Heat transfer and thermal management of lithium-ion battery pack system with forced air convection

Studies on battery cooling systems gain momentum every new year due to their limited operating temperature range. As lithium-ion batteries are one of the critical components of electric vehicles, researchers have recently focused on them. A two-dimensional analysis of a battery pack has been carried out in the current study. A hydrodynamic and thermal study was conducted for an air-cooled 6x6 battery pack (36 Lithium-ion 26650, LiFePO4 batteries in total) system. The system was analyzed using the ANSYS / FLUENT software for aligned and staggered battery arrangements in steady-state conditions. The system's temperature distribution and pressure drop were scrutinized for constant volumetric flow rates of , , and for the aligned order. Same analyses were performed for the staggered order, with the help of keeping the mass flow rate constant. Numerical analyses were also performed for the discharge conditions of the batteries. Uniform and constant heat generation were assumed for the batteries during the discharge process. Heat generation was attributed as 1.43 W and 2.75 W per battery, corresponding to 2C and 3C discharge rates, respectively. The effect of battery arrangement and the air mean velocity on the temperature distribution and the total pressure drop in the system were inspected.

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Keywords: Battery cooling, Lithium-ion battery, Thermal battery management, Air forced convection

ISSN: 2547-975X

EISSN: 2547-975X


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