Study and design the circuit for piezoelectric vibration energy harvester to charge a datalogger

The studies presented in this paper focus on the recovery of vibrational energy using a piezoelectric beam. The device implemented in this work is quite far from industrial realities, but it has the advantage of being easily reproducible and inexpensive. In a first step we will design a circuit for mechanical Energy Harvesting. In practice these systems recover the little energy from ambient vibrations in order to power low consumption electrical systems (typically from a few ?W to mW). After comparison with a basic recovery system (diode bridge) examined both experimentally and by simulation, the model is used on a more efficient recovery system. This study focuses on non-linear circuit topologies, and the improvement of the recovered power compared to the standard technique (STD) To charge a datalogger. The simulation results of this system evaluate an improvement of 325% compared to the standard system.

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Keywords: Energy harvesting , Circuit LT1764, Piezoelectric materials, Datalogger, Standard approach


EISSN: 2737-8071


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