Detection of Retinal Disease Using Image Processing

India is one of the countries which is emerging in the field of telemedicine in recent years. We are still far away from our desired goal. To add to that the patients with eye diseases are also increasing rapidly. To provide them with a better treatment at a lower price is the main goal. The people in urban areas still manage an eye checkup but for the people in rural areas it becomes difficult. Mobile phones are reaching to every nook and corner of the country with the help of that telemedicine becomes possible. We want to come up with a solution in which this becomes possible. It is applied on image processing and machine learning. Image processing is having significance for disease detection on medical images. With help of image processing and machine learning techniques it is possible to automate and/or assist physicians in clinical diagnosis. This project synopsis describes the application of various image processing and machine learning techniques for detection of eye diseases. Data is the future of technology. With the technological revolution the amount of data is increasing rapidly in any field. Thus using this data to distinguish between two images becomes our primary goal. The preprocessing technique leads to enhance the boundaries and feature extraction process and along with conversion of image type and then by combining the image processing part with the machine learning part we are able to design the algorithm. For this we are using concept of Template Matching template is nothing but a sub image which is small. The goal is to find similarities in template and input image. Due to this idea process will be done easily at faster rate

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Keywords: Image Processing , MATLAB, Machine learning


EISSN: 2737-8071


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