The Pathology of Spectators’ Behavior in Sports Stadiums

Sports has a potential to reinforce the elements in the cultural and social structures and creates them in a new form. The purpose of this study was to examine the spectators’ behavior pathology in sports stadiums of Guilan, Iran. The method of this study was descriptive in terms of strategy, survey in terms of execution, and applied in terms of purpose. The statistical population of this study was spectators, coaches, referees, and players in Guilan. The collected data were classified by descriptive statistical methods and were analyzed by Pearson correlation coefficient and ANOVA. The Cronbach’s Alpha method was used to determine the reliability of the test. The results showed that there was a significant relationship between the studied variables, and the independent variables in the equation could predict and explain variances and changes in the dependent variable. Correlation between environmental factors and spectator behavior was 0.751 and the stadium in the occurrence of aggressive behavior was 0.474. The creation of corrective approaches in the current approach of media for popular sports and the reinforcement of the valuable and moral content of press and TV programs can be more effective. In addition, the necessary communication trainings for the responsible forces of the security of the stadiums and other executive factors of tournaments can be effective in order to respect for the spectators.

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Keywords: Stadiums, Aggression, Media, Spectators, Referees, Players

ISSN: 2717-4069


EOI/DOI: 10.22103/jnssm.2021.17287.1023

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