The Real Past and Its Representation

The paper aims to explore the impossibility of knowing the past. It is done not by keeping aside the structure of historical writing, rather with an effective exposition of it. The so-called accepted versions in which the historical writings proliferated has been demystified. Such attempts are inevitable as the very medium, namely language has been disassociated from what it had climbed to signify or represent. To exemplify this particular concept, the chosen texts are seen in the light of historiographic metafiction. The governing principle of historical framework is set to be monolithic or intended to produce what the historian/writer could have fancied. The revisionist perception does not entertain any idea/concept to establish supremacy over the given scenario. Therefore, relevant passages and evens are to be picked out from the literary works in order to validate there authenticity. It is to be justified through a potential radicalization of views, set sharply against the major institutions such as author, historian and history.

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Keywords: Demystify, Historiography, Authenticity, Historical Framework, Institution


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