The Prospects of Reading in J. Hillis Miller

Text is a narration that demonstrates a correspondence between mind and its objects. The writer creates a harmony displayed through an imaginary relationship between meaning and narration. Text, for Miller, is an open-ended category which is not a mere tool for the production of meaning but adjudicates and reflects the historical conditions in order to transform and fashion meanings with the audience. Correspondingly, reading becomes the extension of the otherness of the text guised into the incongruity of language. Miller finds the foundation for double reading in radical polylogism, which is an analogous effect of cognitive and linguistic potential. Narrative, therefore, envisions plurality of narratives enshrined in an intricate relationship. The interlink between theory and reading is accomplished through perpetuity of differences that augment the unpredictability of meaning and examination that reassures hermeneutic conclusiveness. This paper is an attempt to map the Miller’s assumptions prospects of reading, the interconnection between theory and reading and cognitive/critical consciousness evolved in and through the making of meaning/narration.

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Keywords: Reading, Text, Narration, Parabasis, Polylogism, Theory, Catechresis, Parabolic, Ethics


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