Analysis of Teachers’ Use of Web Technologies: Focus on Teachers’ Enterprise 3.0 Application

In the last years which are characterized by the global economic crisis, businesses are making more efforts to reach efficiency of use of Web technologies in business performance. To facilitate business effectiveness and competitiveness, Enterprise 3.0 has recently emerged. Education and training are the key factors for maintaining and improving the efficiency of Enterprise 3.0 application. In education and training, teachers are the key actors for the enrichment of learners’ use of Enterprise 3.0. To support learners’ Enterprise 3.0 application, teachers themselves have to be able to use Enterprise 3.0. The aim of the research is to analyze teachers’ use of Web technologies including Enterprise 3.0 application underpinning elaboration of a hypothesis on teachers’ use of Enterprise 3.0. The meaning of the key concepts of enterprise, Web technologies and Enterprise 3.0 is studied. Explorative research has been used. The empirical study was conducted at the Leonardo and Grundtvig Partnerships UK Contact Seminar “Back to Learning: Back to Work” at the University of Birmingham, Birmingham, the United Kingdom, 4-7 July 2012. Descriptive statistics was implemented for primary data analysis. The findings allow drawing the conclusions on the teachers’ Enterprise 3.0 application. A hypothesis on teachers’ Enterprise 3.0 application has been formulated.

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Keywords: Web Technologies; Enterprise; Enterprise 3.0; Teachers’ Enterprise 3.0 Application

ISSN: 2227-6459

EISSN: 2227-6467

EOI/DOI: 10.14355/jitae.2014.0301.04

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