Women of Real and Virtual World: Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges During COVID 19

Covid-19 has made our world virtual. The limiting of personal contact and the use of new technologies has made it more virtual in this time. The time spent with the real world has been almost equal to the time spent with virtual world during the lockdown period. With the advent of new communication technologies, the gap between the real and virtual world have narrowed down. The virtual world has become a reality as people are spending their maximum time with it and consuming much more as compare to earlier times. The virtual world has all the physical characteristics that a real world possess. It represents the actual world and the society we see around. So, it is obvious for us to think there is similarities between the two worlds of women too. Representation of women in the virtual world is the mirror image of the women of real world. This study is done from the time of Covid-19, to understand if women of real world are same as represented in the virtual world or there lies a difference in the representations and their situations. It also discusses the differences, opportunities and challenges of women belonging to both the world. To attain the objectives, case studies of women representing both the world have been done.

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Keywords: Virtual World, Real World, New Media, Covid-19, Women

ISSN: 2583-0643


EOI/DOI: 10.54105/ijssl.C1010.031322

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